Flair marketing and PR are Letoya, Bernadette and Heather, three smart, funny chicks with loads of experience in running successful businesses, creating smart marketing solutions and drinking great coffee!

We LOVE getting to know the nitty gritty of your business and then using effective, creative, and Flair-filled methods to find your best customers and shout about how amazing you are.

Whatever your industry, we want to know more and share what makes you incredible – even if you don’t know what that is yet! 

Our beginnings:

Letoya had been killing it, managing and growing a successful Toowoomba Photography business with her partner for a decade but was passionate about helping more businesses with her PR and Communication Degree – bad copy is her public enemy number one!

Heather had dabbled in a number of businesses and industries, refining and upgrading her skills with a love of data, apps, and all things analytical. Individually they started helping a few friends businesses develop and grow but their collaborative lunches grew more and more frequent until finally one day Heather popped the big question:

“What if we did this together?”

Flair Marketing and PR was born!

As the business grew Flair needed another pair of hands. Enter another word-nerd! Bernadette brings a background in local business management and administration organisation. This experience, combined with her passion for her local community and love of a well-crafted story, evolved into the role of our go-to social media scheduler, working as our first remote Flairer!

The three Flairy God-mothers had a happy time; weathering a pandemic and watching their client’s businesses evolve and flourish. However, like all good stories, a twist was coming! Heather’s family ties were calling and a move to the big smoke of Sydney became imminent…what did this mean for Flair?

Future growth:

Flair thrives on collaborative creativity, so Letoya brought Bernadette into the Flair office in a new role, while Heather stepped out into the role of remote Flairer! This flexibility in structure offers Flair clients all the benefits of cutting edge Sydney-city-culture but true home-grown Toowoomba flavour! 

With these super-powers now combined, Flair continues to offer small business owners opportunities to strategise the best ways to reach their niche – to work smarter not harder. 

We are delighted to bring our Flairy creativity and expertise to your business!





Heather is a Kickass Online Marketer! Experienced with creating awesome marketing plans from a wide range of industries. She enjoys getting to know your industry and your business goals to create the perfect mix of marketing and online systems to make sure you’re ranking well and getting in front of the customers you want.

Heather owned small businesses so, she gets it. You’re busy and stressed and just want to do the amazing thing that you do so well and have someone else, someone that you can trust, take care of shouting out to customers how awesome you are. That’s what Flair Marketing and PR does!

Flair Marketing and PR LogoFor over 10 years, Letoya has operated as Studio Manager for Toowoomba’s most successful photographic studio, Salt Studios. For 7 years, she was a regular writer/contributor for locally produced young girls magazine, Bella Rae and for 2 years she also held the role of Production Editor. Letoya’s degree in PR and Communications Studies combined with her extensive experience in team leadership, marketing, CRM systems, copy-writing, building client relationships and a range of administration duties makes her a hybrid of creativity, congeniality and organisation. Highly efficient and excellently communicative, she thrives under pressure and enjoys finding creative and efficient solutions and strategies for businesses building longevity and quality relationships with their client base. 

Flair Marketing and PR

Social Media Code of Ethics

From The Flairy Godmothers

We can do better, we can be better. Humanity at this time has incredible technology and Flair Marketing and PR believes in finding uses for this technology for the betterment of humanity, not detriment. 

For this reason, our digital marketing adheres to the following standards…

While we acknowledge these standards are not the answer to all problems in our current social platform climate, the Flair team is doing all it can to ensure we are moving in an ethical direction towards the improvement of positive connection, friendly diversity and healthy, informed community.