The difference between marketing and PR

Back in the days when I first studied marketing and PR, everyone would assume they are the same thing (I have to admit, when I first started – I thought it too!).

So here’s the difference between marketing and PR.

Marketing is all about getting the message out there to get the sale, get the clients, get the dollars!

Public Relations (the clue is in the name!) is about building relationships with your clients and gaining enough relationship and loyalty with your clients to turn them into advocates for your business.

There is a need in successful business for both – you cannot expect to pay the bills with only the well-wishers, and the pot of gold awaiting when your business’ fans finally need to use your business. At the same time, when a client pays their money, gets what they paid for, then are dumped at the first sign of the next client – it’s not usually looked upon in the most positive of light!


People seek connection. They want to support a business that not only gives them a quality service or product, they also want to feel like they are working together with your business to achieve a goal – they want to feel a part of team.