Social Media Posts – A Recipe

What goes into a good social media post?

In 2020, being active in social media and online is about building relationships.

Let’s be clear. Upping your digital presence will likely not get you sales the next day, or even the next week!

It’s not a speed date, it’s a lifelong commitment! (Sorry to all that suffering commitment phobia out there, but if you are afraid of commitment, why are you owning your own business?)

You are building relationships and making connections that will last many, many years. Solid businesses have advocates and are connected to the community. This is real Public Relations – having strong long-term relationships with your clients so that should any nasty rumours try to cut down the tall poppy, the tall poppy’s clients have a strong enough connection to know better.

Simply put, digital presence is about connection.

People are on social media singularly or collectively to:

  • feel connected,
  • become educated,  
  • to be entertained.

Good digital presence does all three of these well and it is an art, not a science.

The Ideal Client. That’s who.

We’ve talked a fair bit about your Ideal Client. This is the client that you’d happily look after for the rest of your professional life.

This is the client you spring out of bed for, just to do their work.

This is because to work for them is fun.

This is because they are a client prepared to invest in your work.

This because they share the same values as your business.

The list is endless.

If you aim to talk to your Ideal Client, you’ll attract more of your Ideal Client. They won’t be the only client you draw in, but it will be the majority. Every time your business does a post – is it speaking to your Ideal Client?

What is the message you’re putting across? Check this on every level.

For example – a cute pic of your dog chewing up one of the tools in your workshop. With a caption: “Rover found a new toy today, this didn’t end well!” (Insert laughing face)

Yes, it’s very cute and pretty funny.

But have you thought that your client may see that picture differently? How likely would your client think, “If they’re not paying attention to their own tools in their own workshop, how much attention will they give to the work they are doing for me?”

Perhaps a better way to frame the picture is with a caption like “We decided to update our procedures for tools left unattended in the workshop today. Rover found something he shouldn’t have! This adorable face and his mischievous ways caused a systems improvement!” Spin a disaster into a more positive frame. It’s the same photo saying completely different things!

Like my old journalism lecturer used to say, “There is no unbiased language”. Choose your words carefully. You may read that post in your head one way. Then when it goes live, a client reads it with a completely different perspective.

Read it OUT LOUD.

Otherwise you may end up on our weekly “Marketing Typos” feature! 😊

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the English language has a beautiful plethora of heterogeneity – use it! If copywriting is not in your skill set, find someone who has it – the Flairy Brains Trust will happily hook you up!  😊

In social media world, timing is everything!

Your post will only be organically shared to a very small percentage of those following your business that are on that platform at that time. For instance, Facebook only promise to show your post to 7-12% of your followers – that’s not many! If the post performs well, the algorithm gods will share it to more people. This means if you get the timing right, your post could be seen by many more than if you just post when you feel like it. (Those midnight posts are only reaching the people who can’t sleep. Which is great if your business looks after people with insomnia…!)  

To see the best times on your page, look in the insights section of your business page – you’ll get the numbers you need to know when is best. Make sure you check in regularly with these numbers – things like lock down, weather or even school holidays can make a huge difference on the times people are online!

SIDE NOTE – While we are on the subject of getting more organic engagement from your posts, if you are helping another business out, make sure you use the reaction buttons like the heart, the hug, the wow etc. If you just click the thumbs up, it’s seen by the algorithm gods as less of an engagement than one of the other reactions.

Each platform has a different tone, purpose and audience expectation: it’s important to change/adjust the content of your post to meet these criteria to get maximum engagement.

Live Videos

Let me preface with this disclaimer – I hate doing Lives! I’m so worried I’ll make some or all of the above mistakes despite how much thought put in or planning I’ve done before doing the Live video.

The thing is – Live videos (or Live Streams) will always give you good organic engagement. It’s YouTube’s, Facebook’s and Instagram’s favourite way to keep people on their platform. (Just a friendly reminder – YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are businesses who want their clients to spend as much time as possible on their site!)


Close second are stories. These are a little easier for those of us a little more on the self-conscious side! They only run for a few seconds and visible to the public for 24 hours. Great for algorithms, but you can already see why timing is super important for this media! If you pick a day that less of your audience are online, less people will see it! Stories are great for behind the scenes, 24 hour offers, shout outs, lunchtime jokes (keep it classy though!), quick videos which show the culture of your business.


If you can’t make a live or story, schedule a video. Videos can still get great organic engagements if they are done well. (We know a guy… Salt Studios Commercial – here’s looking at you!)

Ensure you’ve uploaded it natively onto your platform. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for using digital schedulers wherever possible. (I do not like making dinner whilst also posting a video to IGTV!) But trust me – with videos, it’s completely worth doing this on the social media platform.

Facebook even has extra features which are super handy. Auto-generate subtitles (make sure you check and edit them though!) or post a poll during your video – go ahead and give it a try – see what a difference it makes in your organic engagement stats!


Again, photos are only worth a share if you’ve done the above-mentioned well. With most platforms, it helps to have professional, beautiful photos. However if you have framed it with the right caption, it can still go really well. (see below – “Suit The Platform You’re Posting To”)

Who has reacted or commented on your post? Make sure you thank them by responding! This is vital in the online building relationships process. It doesn’t have to be an ongoing 12 comment conversation in one post. Just something to continue the connection – say thanks, react to the comment, send them a link with extra information, or tag an affiliate business.

The other step which is continually neglected is to invite someone to follow your page if they’ve liked your post. This helps in the rewards system from the algorithm gods. They will show your post friends or family of your followers. It’ll also get organically shared if the algorithm gods deem it a useful post for that person.

Know your platform! Instagram tells story through pictures, Facebook discusses and connects with conversation, YouTube is all videos. If you are not on the platform, either get to know it, or get off! There is no point in trying to connect with an “all things to all people” mentality – this will just drive you mental and having a moments peace will become more elusive than a clean lolly at a kid’s birthday party!

Pick where your ideal client is most and start with that. If you think they are on a couple platforms – go for it! While copying the same post content can sometimes work across multiple platforms, it will not work all the time. Try and adjust it for the platform.

SIDE NOTE: A good example of this is using hashtags on Facebook. Currently, hashtags on Facebook are for the most part, almost completely useless! They are only helpful on Facebook if someone uses that hashtag to search for your post. It is a different platform to Instagram where you can actually follow a hashtag.

Yes this is a lot of work, which is why the Flairy godmothers manage quite a few business’s digital presence. The owners get a chance to enjoy the parts of their business they love while we get to do the things we love and enjoy! Need some help? We offer Digital Presence Training at your pace, or our managing packages start from $890/month. Give us a call – we can hook you up with some good help!