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Content is fire, Social Media is gasoline.

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Setting up and maintaining your Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts can seem like the task of flossing your teeth – you know you should, but never find the time and/or energy to carry it out.

Our team are the Toowoomba experts in digital marketing. We develop effective campaigns, engaging and beautiful content, targeted at your favourite audience to get the best results.

Flair Marketing and PR delivers comprehensive reports to show you where all your new business is coming from. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp, Stumble… there are so many ways to get your message out online these days – which are right for you?

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We create customised marketing plans based on your business goals. We post content on your business’s social media channels that target your ideal client base. We have customisable packages for businesses of all sizes to keep your social media platforms up to date and engaging your audience.

Social media, influencers, algorithms and more can be a bit of a minefield unless you know where to start, and that’s where we come in. Having navigated the social landscape and its constant and rapid evolution, we have the know-how to get a foot in the door for your brand, and to allow you to cut through the noise and reach the people that really matter to you.

We understand how hard it can be to navigate different social channels, where to start and how to do exactly the right things to feed the algorithms to achieve success so we work closely with you and your team to build a strong community and an engaged audience that results in your individual campaign objectives.

Let’s break down how we go about this:

  1. Brand Familiarisation:

    We go through your current digital presence, check out your style, audience and what has worked previously amongst other metrics. Then we sit with you to learn whats important to your business and what is that ‘Secret Sauce’ that makes you unique to your favourite customers.

  2. Social Media Planner Development:

    Each of our clients gets a custom made planner to ensure we follow the strategy set out to achieve your social media goals. Developing a calendar of posts and timings lets us track what posts are getting the best engagement and which ones are driving sales or other conversion goals. It also ensure your content stays fresh and interesting to both new and old followers.

  3. Platform Access:

    Gaining access to your social media platforms, developing audiences, setting up new users and making sure there’s no unauthorised activity on your account. We develop a starting report to be able to accurately measure the progress over time.

  4. Content Generation:

    Developing social tiles, images, hashtags, videos and other engaging content in your branding and style, as well as setting up effective ways for you to share updates and news with us to keep your social media relevant and  informative. We have packages that include regular professional photography and videography sessions to generate new content and build a database of real stock images for you to use in the future.

  5. Reporting & Recommendations:

    Actions without reactions mean nothing! We deliver comprehensive monthly reports across a range of conversion metrics, in attractive, easy to understand graphs with recommendations from our digital marketing experts on how to get better results from your budget and campaigns. We’re not happy unless you are and if a platforms isn’t getting the results we’re after for your business we will tell you straight away.



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