The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

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Flair Marketing and PR develop marketing solutions that incorporate a range of platforms and solutions to ensure you achieve your goals with measurable, out-of-the-box methods.

We are fans of creative, data-driven marketing that amplifies your brand to the right market, with effective use of your marketing budget and resources for best industry results. By exploring your current customers, developing custom avatars and extrapolating your favourite clients into targetable audiences, our experienced marketing queens get great results across a range of Toowoomba based industries.


Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tik Tok etc

Facebook has super intelligent Algorithms that collect data, learn and help us target the perfect audience for your business. Our expert PPC team and Facebook strategists are always looking into ways to use Facebook advertising to its fullest capabilities, and these learnings translate into amazing results and growth for your business.

Social Media Marketing gives brand the power to amplify your message over millions of networks, reach thousands of specific users & still analyse every interaction. Your sphere of influence has never been larger, nor more refined, as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter have expanded your reach and humanised brands. We specialise in engaging customer dialogues & testing content to keep your brand relevant, unobtrusive and unique.

We can manage every aspect of your Social Media campaign from developing custom Audiences, incorporating conversion and tracking codes to your website, creating unique and engaging content with effective Calls To Action and delivering comprehensive reporting and recommendations.


Search Engine Marketing

Google Search Advertising, Display Ads, Banner Ads, Bing etc

Heather is one of the few Google Qualified AdWords Experts in the Darling Downs, consistently providing results above expectations for our clients.

Spend Less – Maximize Exposure – Enjoy Better Conversions

Google Ads enables potential customers to find what they need and when they want it easily. Through Google Advertising, businesses get the opportunity to display targeted ads right on top of SERPs across Google and Bing and drive quality traffic to their websites quickly. Conversions are remarkably high when the right combination of keywords, ads, and targeting techniques are used in PPC campaigns. With a flexible pricing model, businesses pay a fee only when a visitor clicks on their ads. Ensure that your brand is right in front of your customers at the time of purchase with an effective Google AdWords campaign, placing your business at the top of search results for the most important Keywords.


Email Marketing

Mailchimp campaigns, Database building, Whitelisting Assistance

Notorious for its high ROI, Email Marketing is a Flair Marketing and PR favourite that draws customer back to your website when executed well. But many companies still don’t believe in email marketing, or aren’t’ giving it the resources they should to see return from this fantastic medium. Let our team help develop a successful email campaign funnel for your business, and develop monthly, weekly or quarterly mail outs to automate the results!

Establish a stronger connection with your customers and build your email content to suit their needs. By doing so, you will establish their loyalty – for customers will choose your product when ready for their next purchase. Our email automation and feedback reporting tools are perfect for delivering relevant content with proven open rates – and have been used to generate 1.5X ROI for brands around Queensland.


Traditional Marketing

Radio, TV, Newspapers, Billboards

A comprehensive marketing campaign doesn’t ignore traditional marketing platforms and our local knowledge and connections over decades of business in Toowoomba mean we have great access to powerful advertising solutions.


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