Good copywriting addresses the needs and wants of your audience.
Great copywriting will sell your products and services, so you don’t have to. – Raine & Makin

Intentional, thoughtful and well-written copy is one of the most underrated elements of your content. It’s like the sound guy at a live performance – you only notice it when it’s done terribly!

Our qualified Toowoomba team have over two decades of experience in the areas of print, magazine, blogs and other various business communications. Everything communicated from your business platforms will be polished, purposeful, precise and well-written.



Our Copywriting Services include:

Press Releases:

Generating content in a manner and style that allows media publications to immediately utilise it for articles and stories means more publicity for less buck for your business. With a degree in journalism, Letoya Coates experience means that your story is told in prominent, high colour, accurate detail style every time.


Need to get an important announcement, or notice out to stakeholders and need it to be right? We can go through your copy with a fine toothed grammatical comb to make it convey your message precisely, succinctly and pleasurably. Don’t leave important messages to amateurs when our team can make your copy shine.

Grant Writing:

With an experienced grant writer on call at all times, we are in the best position to help you apply for those juicy government dollars as soon as they are announced. Grants of any kind can be tedious at best and infuriating at worst but we can take all the pain while you gain, PLUS give you a much higher success likelihood with experience, dedication and tenacity.

Blog & Article Writing:

You know your business better than anyone, but that doesn’t mean you can write about it better than anyone. All we need is your dot points, or a bit of your time, and we can generate insightful and interesting articles for use as blogs, news updates, social media posts, email or newsletter articles, brochure content or any other requirement. We can even advise you on how to get better SEO return from your articles and write for specific audiences with technical accuracy.

Website Updates:

Over time websites become tired and outdated and both customers and search engines (we’re looking at you Google) don’t find them as exciting and interesting anymore. We can give your website a copy refresh and an SEO boost at the same time with either a once-off or monthly rewrite and update of the content. Chat to us about our monthly website complete SEO management packages.


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