Bringing with him a wealth of business and marketing experience, new addition Nigel is a Copy-writer, Google analytics expert, a commander of all thing’s commerce, and specialist at statistics. He holds a Cert IV in Commerce, worked overseas for a wide array of businesses from small entrepreneurs to big enterprises like Emirates. 

Nigel now lives in Toowoomba and has the ability to ensure all details line up with our clients’ goals and values including but not limited to: website usability, online presence refresh and reviews, and social media profiles. His high skills of perception, extensive experience and knowledge make him a welcome addition to the Flair team.

Social Media Code of Ethics

We can do better, we can be better. Humanity at this time has incredible technology and Flair Marketing and PR believes in finding uses for this technology for the betterment of humanity, not detriment.
For this reason, our digital marketing adheres to the following standards

Flair Marketing and PR team in Urban Toowoomba setting
While we acknowledge these standards are not the answer to all problems in our current social platform climate, the Flair team is doing all it can to ensure we are moving in an ethical direction towards the improvement of positive connection, friendly diversity and healthy, informed community