New structure for Toowoomba-based marketing company

Flair Marketing and PR is restructuring and the team is growing following co-owner Heather Woodcraft moving to Sydney.

Heather will be moving to Sydney to be with family and will continue to work remotely for Flair while Letoya Coates will be taking over full management of the company.

After 2 years of working together, building and growing the Toowoomba-based marketing company, Heather and Letoya are both a little sad to end their partnership, but excited for the independent adventures ahead of them. 

Letoya commented, “I’m going to miss having my friend to bounce creative ideas off every day, but I’m excited for her to be near family and what opportunities will open up for her in the big smoke. Heather is incredibly intelligent and creative – look out Sydney!”   

This means Heather will eventually be stepping out of her partnership role in Flair but continue to do work for and with Flair as well as training our growing team. 

So we can broaden our team’s capacity, Heather will be training other members of the Flairy team in digital campaigns and in website hosting while also contributing to this part of the Flair portfolio. 

In addition to the existing team, we’d like to officially welcome Bernadette. 

Bernadette has been working with the team for over 12 months. Bernadette is an amazing wordsmith, a creative content creator and a tenacious administrator. She will be continuing her brilliant content creating while also keeping Letoya organised and accountable. Letoya and Bernadette are both currently training in digital campaigns. It is part of the Flair culture to always upskill to assist in this service. 


If you would like any further information on this subject, please contact Letoya Coates email hello@flairmarketing.net.au