How To Support Local Businesses through Covid 19

In the coming months, businesses are going to become more reliant than ever on their digital strategy…. in many cases it will be the deciding factor in whether they make it through the tough times ahead.

-Forbes Magazine

Lush have just announced they are closing all their stores, all hospitality businesses and their staff are feeling the hit and many businesses are staring down an unprecedented situation of desperation and uncertainty.

We’ve put together 10 suggestions to help you get your business through:

1. Take it online – if you sell a product that can be posted or delivered, get that ecommerce cart going! People will still need to buy even when stuck at home, and you can be that solution. Plus, with all the extra downtime people will turn to online shopping to beat boredom, make sure they find you!

2. Diversify your offerings – whatever your business does, you’re the expert! Use this time to make videos on how to do what you do, then offer further classes online. There’s a number of great platforms to help you earn income from teaching online and people are always looking to upskill

3. Setup easier payment options. Afterpay, Zippay, Credit Card merchant support options… there are any number of ways to sell without the risk, and without your clients needing up front cash now.

4. Look into safe delivery options. If you sell food / drinks / perishables, setup a Facebook live feed showing the lengths you’re going to stay safe and clean and offer a no knock policy to avoid human contact – a phone call or text and leaving it on the doorstep is a great idea in these times

5. Develop gift certificates & downloadable options. Creatives are leading the charge in creating beautiful and timely Covid19 boredom busters and calmness products but creating anything informational or educational is a potential goldmine at the moment PLUS it expands your customer base beyond the local postcode to the global internet audience.

6. Offer an online tour program! Are you a tourism provider? Take a live audience through your zoo, do a tour of the gardens, show them the highlights of your venue… people are keen for things to do and even a few dollars per person is some income – remember, there’s no limit to the size of your tour group 😉

7. Set up subscription services: everybody is looking for new solutions – grab them now and keep them for life with a simple subscription service. Deliver coffee and breakfast every morning, offer a custom clothing box each month, walk their dog every week… whatever you do, make sure they never have to think about it again.

8. Focus on your social media. Everyone is online, checking the latest news and simultaneously wishing for something else in their news feeds. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your audience, increase your awareness and solidify your presence with current customers.

9. Look for support and resources. The government says they are committed to supporting businesses through this – check www.ato.gov.auwww.qrida.qld.gov.au, and www.business.qld.gov.au for some of the support currently available.

10. Change your marketing tactics. Are you using offline or public media? Look at AdWords, Facebook Ads, Email marketing… there are a number of ways to reach people at home that are more effective (and generally cheaper) than outdoor marketing at the moment.

Bonus 11. Finally, as Warren Buffet says: “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”
There’s a heck of a lot of fear around right now, look for opportunities for your business.
Can you branch into a new niche market?
Is it time to expand?
This may seem counterintuitive but playing the small business game is not always safe!

Struggling to get creative with developing your business? Creative is what we do! Talk to us to get help with implementing any of the above into your business, and let us know if you have any ideas or thoughts – we love hearing from you!