Guest Blog: Sarah Walker | House of Quirk

Owner of the House of Quirk, Sarah Walker talks of the importance of outsourcing what you don't know, in order do more of what you love!

Hello! Sarah from the House of Quirk doing a blog takeover, because why not!

Actually, more likely, because I’m a casual Flair client, and wanted to share what Flair do…from a client’s perspective. Before consulting a marketing firm, I assumed that marketing and social media services were some sort of dark wizardry.

Being an Artist, I create. I create all day, all night (not really, I would be a monstrously awful person to life with without my sleep), create in my dreams (that one is for real), eat, breathe, and whatever else, with being creative. That’s easy for me.

However, the back end of websites, social media content, SEO’s, google keywords, ad words, word words, SWOT’s, #hashtags, and reels, come about as naturally and easily to me, as trying to give birth to a giraffe, sideways (the giraffe or me could be sideways, I’m pretty sure neither would make it more natural nor easier). But these things are vitally necessary to succeed in business today, regardless of whether that business is online only, or has a physical shopfront as well. And this post covid environment we’re in has only highlighted the need for excellent web and digital presence, no matter what business you’re in, because if your physical shop is closed, then your online shop becomes the only way to shop.

So for someone like me, who despite being under 40, is completely ambivalent instead of in awe of technology, marketing/social media mobs are where it’s at. They do their dark wizardry, and I just get to focus on the art of making fine art. 

Yes I punny. 

You’re welcome. Sarah

House of Quirk Artwork
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Sarah Walker is a Queensland based artist specialising in quirky and colourful artworks. She also runs art classes for children through local art supply shop Murrray’s Art and Framing. Currently her works are mostly in acrylic on canvas, however she has also specialised in the Japanese crochet Amigurumi, Clothing Design, Jewellery and other accessories. Much of her art is based in her growth as a person in her faith, but also in her experiences with family and friends, and in her local town of Toowoomba. You can see her beautiful artwork on her website, Facebook page and Instagram Profile.