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Are you the Yoda?

When you tell your business’s story, how do you tell it? Let’s talk through a typical message that comes from most businesses. “Hello Customer! Oh you poor little damsel in distress – you have a problem A that we can help you solve. Allow us to be your Knight in shining armour and solve your problem A with our solution B!” Do you think this is what your client wants to hear? Who wants to

Influencers Versus Advocates

Influencers Vs Advocates

Influencers vs Advocates It’s pretty common to hear of Instagram influencers now, people with thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers who charge to upload an image with your product or at your venue. It’s become the ultimate hipster dream to fund a life of high class travel and free luxury goods all with selfies on social media. To date, a growing number of people are either trying to or, already are, living this dream