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10 Proven, Easy Ways to Grow Your Business

Want more customers? Who doesn’t! Try some of these ideas below and get growing in 2019! Affiliate Businesses Find non-competing businesses that cater to your target market and create a mutually beneficial offer. Win Win! Local News Winning Competitions, new product lines, opinions on local affairs – it’s all news. Get a contact at your local paper, radio or tv station and send them all the content you’ve got! Get Feedback Your customers know what

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Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Whatever your business is selling, it won’t sell until you have a customer willing to pay for it. “Ummm, yeah?!?” I hear you say, but have you actually gotten specific about who you are selling to? So many business owners expect customers to find and come to them, then wonder why they’ve not sold anything. Or they pay for advertising via one platform and scratch their heads wondering why it had minimal effect. Many small

Is Your Website Responsive?

You might have heard the phrase ‘Responsive Website’ before and wondered what it means or why it matters. Fortunately we’ve put together a quick overview to give you all you need to know about this important UX and SEO aspect of online life!   What does it mean? Responsiveness refers to how your website behaves on different devices or screen sizes. A responsive website will auto detect what device or screen dimensions it is loading

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Influencers vs Advocates

Influencers vs Advocates It’s pretty common to hear of Instagram influencers now, people with thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers who charge to upload an image with your product or at your venue. It’s become the ultimate hipster dream to fund a life of high class travel and free luxury goods all with selfies on social media. To date, a growing number of people are either trying to or, already are, living this dream

How Does Google Rank My Website?

When Google ranks your site, it looks for two things – authority and relevance. Let’s break this down to how it applies to small business…   AUTHORITY As humans, we instinctively appreciate that if we read something on the CNN or BBC websites, it’s more likely to be true than if we read it in some random blog. The reason is because these are authoritative sites and we are more likely to trust in their

The difference between Marketing and PR

Back in the days when I first studied marketing and PR, everyone would assume they are the same thing (I have to admit, when I first started – I thought it too!). So here’s the difference between marketing and PR. Marketing is all about getting the message out there to get the sale, get the clients, get the dollars! Public Relations (the clue is in the name!) is about building relationships with your clients and

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Protecting yourself online – are you doing enough?

Covid19 has seen a rise in time at home with family, hand washing, mask fashions and hilarious online content. Unfortunately it’s also seen a huge spike in online scams and digital attacks. The ACCC scam division, Scamwatch, put out the below report showing a massive jump in both scams reported and total financial losses soon after the Covid19 lockdowns started: Scammers are capitalising on any areas of uncertainty or periods of change. Covid19 has been

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What is your Customer Lifetime Value?

Customer lifetime value (CLV) or life-time value (LTV), is the average amount of money your customers will spend on your business over the entire life of your relationship. For instance, imagine that you sell socks through an e-commerce store. You spend $5 in advertising to attract a customer.They buy an average of seven pairs of socks every year for 10 years.Your profit margin on each pair of socks is $10. Based on this data, you

Too Many Rabbits… In China…

This gem of a Telstra ad seems even more relevant now during lockdown than when it came out over a decade ago. “Under the time of Emporer Nasi Goreng… To keep the rabbits out… too many rabbits in China…” Why We Love It: So relatable! Everyone has at some point made up an answer to keep a kid happy and had to face the fact they don’t know everything. Telstra have also cleverly found the

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It’s complicated….

My relationship with Social Media OK, full confession: recently at a workshop teaching small business owners how to do social media, I mentioned that I hate social media. Not my finest moment – I’ll admit! What I meant to say is that it’s a complicated relationship. There are things about my Instagram feed that I just love! I love seeing my friends’ puppy dogs and babies, the travel adventures they’ve worked so hard to go

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Social Media and Blog post do’s – What is your why?

Let’s be real – most clients don’t care about your business…at first. They only care about their story and if you can meet the need they have to continue their story according to their plan. Why would someone be interested in your good product when the same product is available through your competitors? What makes you and your team any different to others in your field? (And as a side point – why would a