Facebook Catalogue Products as Scheduled Posts

Facebook catalogue is a fantastic tool for online and ecommerce businesses, showcasing your products and letting people buy them straight through the Facebook platform. It’s an easy and smart solution, perfect for a whole range of products.

Despite the benefits tho, I’ve noticed a major shortcoming: posting products as scheduled posts.

Scheduled posts are one of my favourite, basic, Facebook business techniques. It’s the set and forget of business marketing. For products in a catalogue, Facebook gives you the option to share a product to your page but you can’t scheduled a shared posts, it’s always instant. Meaning you have to do this everyday and I have better things to do!

Because Facebook Catalogue is designed for businesses Facebook obviously want you to pay to promote your product on the platform. For low value products or for starting out business owners this kind of destroys the advantage of listing it on Facebook in the first place!

I’ve worked out a workaround that, while seriously manual and a bit tedious, makes the process as streamlined as possible.

First, you’ll want to open two tabs:

  1. View your page as Visitor then go to the Shop page with all your products

  2. Facebook Creator Studio for your page

You will also want to have the folder/application where you’ve stored all your product images open and ready.

  • For each post, click on the “+” in the bottom left of Creator Studio in what we’re going to call Tab 2, and select “Create Post”

New post

  • Then select “Tag Product” and select the product you want to share as a post. You may need to type a word into the search bar as you will only be shown a few of your products here.

  • Now, select the same product in Tab 1 and copy the text, and paste it into the post editor in Tab 2,. Alternatively ofcourse you can write a new blurb to go with your post if you want something other than the product description.
  • Then, drag the relevant images from your folder/application into the post editor in Tab 2 to add images / videos
  • Finally just select ‘Schedule’ instead of ‘Publish’ from the drop down options and choose when you’d like to have this posted to your page.

  • Repeat for all your products (I know, manual and time consuming but quicker than the alternative!) and enjoy the rest of the time you’ve saved as your Creator Studio publishes your post  in the background

Happy little boy relaxing on the beach at the day time

Have you worked out a better or quicker way to schedule products from a Facebook Catalogue? I’d love to hear it! I’d also love to hear if  applications such as Hootsuite, and Zoho Social offer better solutions.

Struggling with setting you your Facebook Catalogue or want to start selling online but don’t know where to begin? We can help 🙂