Email Marketing: When / How / Why

A lot of business owners mistake email marketing with spam, however dollar for dollar, email marketing is still one of the best returns on marketing investment.

When managed well, a well curated database of emails is an incredibly powerful resource for your business. These are people that already know you, like you, and are interested in your product, they’re right on the edge of doing business with you and have asked you to keep in touch –  it’s a salesperson’s dream!

In the midst of this dream, there is a huge BUT…like the saying goes, with great power also comes great responsibility! Nobody likes being spammed and similarly no one likes receiving content that’s not relevant to them. Be sure to respectfully space out your emails and segment your lists into categories based on relevant demographics (products viewed/age/location/etc).

Our handy Email Marketing Planner helps businesses to create engaging and relevant emails each month for their database that customers want to receive and open.

Don’t be stuck wondering what to put in your emails or how often to send – the planner covers the first questions and your customers’ feedback will answer the second.

Email us to request our Email Marketing Planner – it’s free!