Do I need FAQs and Blogs on my website?

The Value of FAQs and Blogs on your website

So you’re building your brand spanking new website! Hooray!! 

Then you get to the part of the website where you need to write blog posts and FAQs (the Frequently Asked Questions) sections.  

So many questions…how many FAQs do you put on the website? How much information do you include? Does anyone normally read them? Is it even worth the time of doing a FAQs section? 

Let’s start with the most pressing question –

Is it even worth doing a Blog and FAQs section?

Our Flairy Godmother advice is a resounding YES! 

There are so many benefits to blogs and FAQs….

Improve your customer’s buying experience by doing the research for them. This will help your sales by empowering your buyers with better decision-making information.

Consumers in 2020 love their research! Frequently Asked Questions and blogs give so much more information than a basic Google check. The best part: this information is flavoured with your company’s culture and you get to give the answers as an industry leader. 

Make things simpler for you and your employees by answering simple questions


Frequently Asked Questions can save so much time! Pro Tip – turn your FAQs into a video, upload them onto YouTube. Then use these shareable YouTube links to send to potential clients to answer your questions. 


Blogs are a great format to go into depth with your industry knowledge. Gaining information from your website increases a client’s trust in your brand and means they are more likely to think of you in the purchase.

Increase your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Certain words will trigger in Google to refer your website to someone when they are searching for a particular subject (yes, nerds – we know this is a simplified explanation! 🙂 ).

Blogs and FAQs are an excellent opportunity to include these words in your website. Many of these words may be details important to the business but hard to include on other pages of your website.

Establish trust and confidence in your brand

Blogs and FAQs show how much you know and adds value to the buying experience for your client. Your years of working in the industry qualify you and mean there is a higher standard clients will get from you as opposed to a newbie in the industry. For example – Which would you rather operate on you? A surgeon freshly out of medical school, or someone who’s been doing operations for many years?

How to pick which questions to post on FAQ? What do I write a blog post about?

You are an industry leader. Use your experience and dealings with clients and affiliate businesses for this information.

What questions do you get asked the most? 

What answers are you giving to your clients and potential clients the most?

What education do your clients need to prevent any frustrations they’ve encountered in your industry?

The more information you give, the better. 

Never be afraid of “giving away all your secrets”! Good business practice is to upskill, always developing and always learning. Your secrets are always evolving, so how can you possibly give them away when you are always learning? 

Get the CopyWrite! (see what we did there?)

  • Keep it concise and engaging (writing for reader first, then Google second)
  • Correct spelling and grammar is vital! Get a set of fresh eyes to read over once you’ve finished your draft. (Who is the grammar nazi in your world? )
  • Keep in mind words that a potential client would enter in their Google search and try including these wherever possible
  • To Thine Own Self Be True! Ensure everything in your website exudes your company culture and values

ReUse and ReCycle

Stuff can do more than one thing. Use the FAQ answers and blogs for content on your social media platforms. 

I know, right? 

You are welcome.

It’s as simple as adapting and evolving the information in your FAQs and blog posts. With the crazy speed of turnover on all the social media platforms, not all your social media followers are going to be reading your blogs or seeing everything you post. The other argument for reusing this valuable  information is you’re cementing this message in the minds of potential and current clients’ 

Always be mindful of the platform you are posting on and that your post is relevant and has enough context.

Keep Evolving

You are always growing as a professional in your industry, so always make sure you are growing and adapting the information on your FAQs and Blogs. Adding “Post Scripts” to blogs is a great way to show you are staying ahead of the curve and always learning more in your industry. 

You are all schooled up – get going and school up those potential clients you’re waiting for!

Need help wordsmithing these valuable sources of information? Send us an email and we will get it sorted for you! 

create – develop – thrive