Covid19 – Small business Public Relations 1.01

The Flairy 3 C’s to help you respond to Covid19 in your small business. 


Start with a headspace where you and your team can be proactive, not reactive. History shows time and time again, panicking has never helped anyone. As a leader in your business, you and those around you need calm. Take a breath, go outside and look up! Yes this is serious, but strong resilient small business owners can lead the way in staying calm and letting the calm spread to those around you. Manage your mind and take the steps to be in control of your mental health. It will make you healthier physically and mentally! To read/hear about the science behind staying calm and get more tips on this, find industry leaders like neuroplasticity leader, Dr Caroline Leaf


Public Relations is all about community – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m all about the connection! Connect with those around you – even if it means you can’t be face to face or in physical contact. An elderly friend of mine had a neighbour drop around 5 rolls of TP – just a small act like this makes a big difference. What will our city look like if business adapted this approach right now?

Being confined to home, or having events cancelled from schedules = more downtime and what platforms are your audiences and shareholders likely to be on when they have more downtime? Use it to make real connections and encourage compassion.

Be a business encouraging community – kindness to the vulnerable can look like many things. Being conscious of resource sharing in a community, sharing what you have with others (keeping your germs to yourself of course!) and think of ways your business can do your bit to encourage compassion, connection and community!


My mum used to always say, “Use your mistakes as opportunities for creativity!” So, let’s just slightly adjust and apply this to now – “Use challenges thrown at you as opportunities for creativity!” 

Get creative with how your business is going to adapt and evolve. On a day-to-day level, this may mean things like suspending cash payments for a time and only using EFTPOS. 

On a larger scale for your business, this will require you to stop and think. 

This should be a regular strategy practice in your business already, but if not – start now! A local engineering firm had to take a massive hit when the mining boom ended. They didn’t admit defeat, they looked at what they had to offer and diversified from this. Five years later, they have grown back bigger and better than ever because they got creative and adapted with the market. 

We can help you brainstorm and strategise with how to get creative and connect! Email us on hello@flairmarketing.net.au and we’d love to chat about how your business can keep evolving and connecting!