Good copywriting addresses the needs and wants of your audience. Great copywriting will sell your products and services, so you don’t have to. Raine & Makin

Intentional, thoughtful and well-written copy is one of the most underrated elements of your content. It’s like the sound guy at a live performance – you only notice it when it’s done terribly! Our qualified team have over two decades of experience in the areas of print, magazine, blogs and other various business communications. Everything communicated from your business platforms will be polished, purposeful, precise and well-written.

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It all comes together with Flair!

The Flair team has helped us build brand awareness and strengthen our social media presence. We were sick feeling guilty for neglecting the things we knew as a small business we SHOULD be doing online. The team embraced our vision for our business with enthusiasm and have been fantastic to bounce ideas off.

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