Branding – The German Shopping Way

I Have A Confession To Make – I Love Shopping At ALDI!

No – I am not in my 60’s and no – I am not new to Australia (although these people are a HUGE part of why I love going to ALDI!)

My hubby and I often joke – ALDI do not have customers, they only have advocates!

Why? How is this warehouse so popular? You pay for your trolley, they sell seasonal products that you have to line up at 7am on a Saturday morning, then plant your feet and have your shoulder charged and ready to compete with the crazy pensioners (Have you ever been to a Ski sale? For those that hate conflict, it’s the stuff nightmares are made of!)

Is it prices and product? They do sell some cheap stuff – but most of the time, I still have to nip over to the Coles or Woolies next door to get a heap of things that aren’t stocked or are better quality and the prices of many items are comparable. I often find myself asking, “why am I willing to shop at 2 different grocery shops in one trip?”

Is it their advertising? Although they are funny, their ads are just plain weird – strange upper-class pirate ladies, grandmas dancing with trolleys, avocados wearing hats and gorillas that are bad at drums (see for a small sampling…)

I have been shopping at Aldi for over 9 years now and I am yet to have a shopping trip there where I’ve not had a joke with at least one fellow customer (usually grey-haired or English isn’t their first language, it’s the best!). I am yet to have a shopping trip that the staff at the checkout have not been super friendly. I love going to Aldi because I feel connected – I get to hang out with people very different from myself and we are all not-hating grocery shopping quite so much while we are there!

What is it in your business that draws people in? What are the unique characteristics that draw people to want to go there? What is your business’s Ski sale??

Get in contact with us – we’d love to have a cuppa and see what would draw people into your business!