Are you the Yoda?

When you tell your business’s story, how do you tell it?

Let’s talk through a typical message that comes from most businesses.

“Hello Customer! Oh you poor little damsel in distress – you have a problem A that we can help you solve. Allow us to be your Knight in shining armour and solve your problem A with our solution B!”

Do you think this is what your client wants to hear? Who wants to be told they are the damsel in distress needing a hero to be saved?

Everyone wants to be the hero in their own story, not the damsel. So where does this leave your business? Be the Yoda. Yoda advises the hero, trains the hero, supports the hero and makes the hero feel connected a part of something bigger than them self. You are the industry expert after all.

How you say the message can be subtle, but it comes from a foundation of culture. It comes from reading, really reading, how you talk to your customers, about your customers on your website, your social media platforms, and in your emails. Look over what you’re saying – are you telling people that you can “save” them or are you advising them? Weave what you specialise in into your message. Get wisdom to your clients and show what you have to offer.

So when your business has something to say, be intentional in your message – are you telling clients you are the Yoda? Or are you telling clients you are the hero?

Struggling to find the right words? Contact us, we can help you tweak your words and get the right message out there for your business!

(Shout out to Heather’s Grandma-in-law for sharing great life advice and wisdom xoxox)