12 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making

An effective email marketing strategy is the cheapest, most productive marketing tools for ROI (Return on Investment). 

Early 2022 statistics say Facebook posts are seen by approximately 6% of a page’s followers (Note – this is not the people who like the page – just the followers!). Instagram posts are seen by approximately 10% of followers. Email marketing is still dominating the platforms with approximately 25-35% of recipients opening and viewing their email newsletters or updates. (Flair’s email campaigns sit on average closer to 45% just saying…! 🙂 )

Every business should be actively building their database of customers and followers with this method. However, there are many common mistakes that can undo all the potential for return!

1. Too many Call to Actions

Sign up here! See more information… Buy…Buy…BUY!

While a “call to action” is necessary, it is also like the richest of foods – a small amount is enough. Use only one call to action per email, otherwise it becomes the email etiquette equivalent of a nagging 3 year-old at the Woolies checkout.

2. Too many Buzz Words or Clichés

OK, so we here at the Flairy Brains Trust have invented a list of buzz words for an imaginative Zoom drinking game! Seriously though, just because everyone has discovered a new phrase or word in the English language, DOESN”T MEAN YOU HAVE TO USE IT! The English language is beautiful and has a plethora of heterogeneity – use it! 😊

(You can be a gamechanger in these unprecedented times – DRINK!)

3. Busy Layout

Filling all the negative space in your email is the visual equivalent of yelling in someone’s face.

Stop it! Keep…It…Simple.

4. Bad Copy

Not everyone has a flair for the English language. Bad introductions, typos and hard to read articles are the best way to get a disengaged audience to unsubscribe.

Even after you’ve read it a few times, get someone else (like your grammar Nazi mum – thanks Mum, you’re awesome!) to check over your copy.

It’s OK if writing is not a fun pastime for you. We all have our different gifts. If copywriting is not one of yours, hand this work to someone whose it is. (We have some awesomely eager, creative and imaginative copywriters on our team just itching to make your words into something beautiful!!)

5. No Clear, Practical Advice on a “How To” Article

You’ve drawn your audience in with an excellent “How To” article title, but the article has no practical tips on actually “how to”!

Give your reader practical, useful information. You can do this in dot points, headings or a numbered list. (See mistake number 12 below)

6. Appearing Unprofessional

Keep to your brand and don’t look like a scammer. Avoid click bait subjects and headings.

Do not send an attachment with an email campaign. This is the kind of thing scammers have done in the past and it freaks people out. Send your audience to a secure link on your website if you have something they can download, this way they can be sure it’s from you and your website, not a “savethenigerianprince.com” type of website.

7. Sending Too Many Emails

Who likes a full inbox? Ain’t nobody got time for dat! Do not send emails more than once a week (and even with that – you better have some really important things to say! See below). Ideally once a month is enough.

8. Unresponsive for Mobiles

How many emails do you read on your mobile? The stats in 2020 state 46% percent of emails in a marketing campaign are opened on mobile phones. (See here for further stats), so if your email looks terrible on the phone, reconsider your layouts and campaign platforms. You’re forgetting almost half of your audience!

9. Big Image Size

This seemingly small detail affects your distribution. Can anyone be bothered to sit and watch that spinning wheel? Assuming the receiver’s email platform lets the email be received in the first place. Resize your images. This is easily done on most basic picture apps.

10. Broken Links

If your links don’t work, why bother putting them in? Most email protectors look for broken links as part of their “junk filing” and scam protection process. Your email shall will /may be lost in the deep dark depths of a trash or junk folder if your attached links are broken.

11. Not Playing the Numbers Game

(What? Who? How often?)

Fortunately for the marketing and public relations game, we live in the age of measurable content.

This means you can look on your email campaign platform and get all kinds of statistics on your audience. Don’t let this information go to waste – it is vital for the success of future email marketing campaigns to see what is of interest to people, who is interested, how many are reading the email – the list goes on!

12. Projecting and Not Giving Useful Content

Thank your reader by giving them some of your professional advice for free! After all, they have given you a point of contact. This is not something a business owner should ever take for granted. Reward them for taking the time to show interest in your company by giving them something which is informative or entertaining, or of relevant content.

Still not sure how to get the most from your email campaigns? The Flair team have the resources, creativity, copywriters and strategy to make your email marketing work best for you – email us and we can make this happen!